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Welcome to the Flying Boat Website! Flying Boat sales, flight instruction, parts and accessories are available here. Take a flying vacation...stay on a private island and learn to fly a flying boat! Lessons from $50 ... Flying Boats starting at $21,000 ...

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Flying vacation - yes, that's right, FLYING VACATION

Bring your family and friends,  rent an island and hop aboard the flying boat for your flight introductory lessons. Waiting around for decent weather while paying an instructor will not be a problem here, you fly when the weather permits and you're paying to be instructed when actually instructed. While the significant other, children or friends enjoy the island and it's amenities, you can soar in the sky and have a bird's eye view of awesome water with wild dolphin, pods of manatee, sea turtles and many varieties of fish - then we'll talk about the wildlife in the skies which consists of (but not limited to) bald eagles, osprey, hawks, herons and many birds of prey. Check out the island's website at www.paradisefoundisland.com and even take a virtual tour through the homes and around the pool area if you wish. We offer flight introductory lessons given by a certified flight instructor with safety as a number one priority. Give us a call for more information.







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